CRM with PropserWorks

If your business has a sales team, chances are you already have some type of Customer Relationship Management software in place (if you don't then you REALLY need to read this!), and chances are you Sales Team hates it.

ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks is a simple, smart and easy to use CRM platform that your Sales Reps and Managers will love.  It's cloud based, cross-device and cross-platform.?

Here's what customers achieve with ProsperWorks:

Grow sales by 33%

Shorten Sales Cycles by 11 days

Increase Lead Conversion Rate by 29%

Boost Employee Productivity by 36%

Improve Sales Forecasting Accuracy by 37%

Reduce Deployment Time by 2 months

Save 5 Hours Per Employee Every Week on Data Entry


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