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Infusionsoft Opportunities (part 3)


Infusionsoft Opportunities (part 3)

Infusionsoft Opportunities (part 3)

In our last post on Opportunities in Infusionsoft, we went through most of the configuration options to get a sales pipeline set up. In this post, we’ll create an opportunity, go over some of the options, and work through it from start to finish.

Like a lot of things in Infusionsoft, there’s a few ways to get an opporutnity created. To do this manually, you can browse to CRM -> Opportunites -> Add Opportunity.

Add Opportunity from Infusionsoft Opportunites View


You can also add an opportunity from the detailed contact record by going to the Opportunities tab along the lower section of the contact record, and clicking “Add Opportunity”.

Adding Infusionsoft Opportunities from the Contact Record

By default, a manually created opportunity will start in the first stage configured in the Sales Pipeline. This is generally what you want, however you could begin the opportunity in a different phase if you need to be selecting the StageID at creation.

Selecting the stage when adding an Infusionsoft Opportunity


Opportunities call also be created automatically as part of a campaign with the “Create Opportunity” process as part of an automation sequence. You might want to do this if someone fills out a form or landing page that matches the criteria you have for a qualified opportunity.

Add Infusionsoft Opportunity from Campaign Builder

Double clicking on the “Create Opportunity” process opens the “Configure Opportunity” window, where you can set various options such as the Starting Stage, who will own the opportunity and the next actions. We’ll go over some of the other options like Interest Bundle and Round Robin in a later post.

Adding Infusionsoft Opportunity from within the Campaign Builder

An opportunity created via the campaign builder is named the same as the contact name by default. If the contact has a company name recorded in the contact record, it will use the company name.

Working through opportunities is quite straight forward. By default, there is no automation configured for any of the opportunity phases, so in this post we’ll go through the process of moving a contact through the sales pipeline without any automation occurring. We’ll go over automation with opportunities in a later post.

When an opportunity is created manually, or an opportunity is selected from the Opportunities -> View Opportunities menu, the opportunity detail screen appears. The highlighted boxes below show critical information about the opportunity.

Section 1 is the detail of what needs to happen next, and when it should be done. Anything entered here with a date and time associated with it will be populated to the users Infusionsoft calendar. If you’re using the Sync apps for Outlook or Gmail, it will also be available in your email client calendar as well.

Section 2 tells us the current stage, lets us select a different stage (if appropriate), and will also show any check-lists configured in the opportunity stage.

Section 3 provides a summary of the opportunity and the contact details for the contact record associated with the opportunity. This is handy because you’ll see the email address and phone number for the contact here without having to move to a different window to find that information.

Section 4 lets us see all of the other information associated with the contact record. You’ll be able to see all emails, web history and previous tasks assigned to the contact here within the opportunity record.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Detail View

Along the top of the opportunity record are two tabs – Products/Subscription Plans and Sharing (you can also add tabs here with custom Opportunity fields).

The Products/Subscription Plans allows you to associate a specific product with the opportunity. If you select a product here, the price of that product will become the value of the opportunity. We’ll go into more detail with products, bundles, etc. in a later post.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Products and Subscriptions

The Sharing tab allows you to share the opportunity with other users and groups within Infusionsoft with either read or write permissions.

Infusionsoft Opportunity Sharing Tab

As you work with the contact through the opportunity, you should update the “Next follow-up action” section and also add notes about what you just did via the “+Add a note about your last action” link. In the next screenshot, we’re also progressing the opportunity into the Working stage by selecting “Working” from the Sales Stage and Steps drop-down. The date showing beside the drop-down relates back to the Target # Days?option we configured in our Sales Pipeline. It’s simply added on to the date that the current stage began. Don’t forget to click “Save” once you’ve made your changes.

Moving Infusionsoft Opportunity Stage


Our test opportunity goes then straight into the next phase, which is closing. At this stage, we’ve presented to our client, and made them an offer. ?Once we’ve won the opportunity (hey, I’m an optimist), we move it into the “Won” stage, and the opportunity will now be closed. ?If you’ve configured Won and Lost reasons as mandatory in your Opportunity Defaults, they need to be recorded here.

So that’s it. It’s quite straight forward, and as you move the contact through the stages, a clear record is created of what was done, when it was done, and how long the contact spent in each stage. As you build up the number of opportunities in your Infusionsoft application, you’ll be recording valuable data about the sales process that will enable you to make better decisions about what happens in each stage. You’ll be able to identify potential problems in the sales process if you notice people are getting “stuck” too long in one stage or another. The data will enable you to keep an eye on your pipeline, and adjust as necessary.

We’ll cover automation in opportunities, advanced options and reporting in upcoming posts.

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