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Infusionsoft Opportunities (Part 1)


Infusionsoft Opportunities (Part 1)

Infusionsoft Opportunities (Part 1)

In this first post in the series, we’ll take a high level view of Infusionsoft Opportunites, what they are, and why you should be using them.

It would be interesting to hear how many readers have opportunities enabled in their Infusionsoft apps. If you have the Complete or Deluxe Sales versions, you have access to opportunities. According to Infusionsoft, this is one of the most under-utilised features. People often say opportunity management is unnecessary unless you have a large sales team.

I couldn’t disagree more.

It IS an essential feature if you have a sales team, as it gives you centralised reporting and performance tracking. You can track the effectiveness of your team and your funnel.

It is my opinion that it is also an essential feature for the Solopreneur as it also offers:

  • Structure
  • Discipline
  • Consistent experience for your prospects
  • Reporting

Lack of a defined sales pipeline may well be contributing to sporadic and inconsistent results in your sales efforts. I’d love to hear from anyone that doesn’t have a sales pipeline in place, and is smashing it every month converting leads into customers. I guess if you have a highly desirable product with no competition it is possible.

The other exception could be your sales consist of low-touch, web based transactions. You still need to know how your customers like to buy your products, and tailor your buying experience to them, but a robust opportunity management system might be overkill.

When you interact with you prospects many times as you lead them through the sales process, opportunity management shines in Infusionsoft. On average it takes between 5 and 7 interactions with a client to for me to close a sale. This is consistent with the results I’ve seen with others. Keeping track of where each prospect is in the sales process would become unwieldy without opportunities management.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of opportunity management, there’s plenty of resources out there on the web – Wikipedia’s definition of the sales process is here.

My version of a Sales Pipeline looks something like this:

  • New Opportunity
  • Qualify
  • Select Appropriate Product
  • Educate
  • Demonstrate
  • Validate
  • Make Offer
  • Negotiate
  • Close
  • Deliver

As Infusionsoft users, we’re instinctively looking for ways to automate as much of the lead generation, sales and delivery process as we can. With opportunities, however, automation isn’t always the first port of call. In my example above, not all of the stages fit neatly to what I have configured within the application either. I like to be able to pre-qualify as much as possible prior to my “formal” engagement process – at least for the leads that are coming through the website. We’ll go more into automation with opportunities in subsequent posts

While I have the most awesome products and services available on the Internet, I know they are not right for everybody. It may seem a bit cold and callous, I want to try to discourage the prospects I know won’t be the best fit, before they getting into my funnel and me spending some of my limited time with them, only to find out it’s not going anywhere. Mind you, a lot of those leads that aren’t a great fit MIGHT be a good fit later on, so we don’t want to dismiss and “throw them away”. No, no, no! There’s a long term nurture sequence awaiting them!

Now we’ve finished a high level view of opportunities, come back next week where we’ll cover opportunities in Infusionsoft in more detail.

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