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Shut Up While I Yell At You!

Shut Up While I Yell At You!

Why you’re possibly doing it wrong

Don’t you hate it when you’re interrupted while watching a great movie on TV or a game with your favourite team? Usually by an ad from some company you could care less about. It’s something we used to just put up with, but technology and markets have come to the rescue.

Pay TV was supposed to be the first way for us to escape the advertising barrage. They too are taking the cash and not giving the users what they want. Can’t blame them I guess – that captive audience couple with the opportunity to rake in some extra revenue sure is tempting. It’s going to end up pushing people to find other ways to get the content they want without having to endure 20th century marketing. There’s a bit of an arms race going on between the punters and the advertisers. Whole companies have been born out of our loathing for this type of marketing (Netflix, Hulu, etc.).

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