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New features & Q4 Roadmap

November 01, 20224 min read

Elysium CRM New Features & Updates

Here is a summary of all the updates we've released over the past few weeks:

Funnels, Websites, Forms & Surveys

  • Cart mode in order forms with quantity selectors

  • Average cart value in stats

Affiliate management

  • Create campaigns with different affiliate audience and commissions

  • Choose only those products you want to split commission on

  • Add and import affiliates from other platforms

  • View leads, customers, and churn across your affiliates

  • Review and approve affiliates for they payouts

  • Deny payouts to affiliates

  • Export commissions and make payment via preferred payment gateway

Social planner

  • CSV bulk import

  • Template library

  • Hundreds of funnels, websites, social planner & emails live (3000+)


  • Coupons

Calendar settings

  • Teams (My Staff > Teams) moved under Calendar settings as groups

  • Now you can quickly create a group with just a name, description, and URL

  • Adding users to a team is no longer required to set up a calendar

  • Users can be directly added to their respective calendars

  • Reserve with Google

  • Can book meetings via Google!


  • Web-hook improvements

  • Workflow folder permissions

  • If/Else multiple branches

  • Goals (skip further along the workflow if a condition is met)

  • Video trigger in Workflows from Funnels

  • If someone watches a certain percent of a video in a funnel, we can detect it now


  • In-App upsells

  • One-click upsells

  • Themes

  • Comments

  • Mobile app

  • Quizzes & Assessments

Mobile App

  • Quick actions (book appt, send feedback, send SMS, make call)

  • Invoicing

  • Dark Mode

  • Inbound calling on your phone from your business numbers

  • Conversations 2.0

  • Calendar block

Q4 Roadmap

Here are all the updates & new features we've locked in for the next three months. As always with features in development, they are aspirational when it comes to release dates, but we'll keep you updated!

2 way email sync whith Gmail & Outlook

Company object V2

  • Consolidated view of all tasks at the company level

  • Ability to create companies & associate contacts based on business name

Opportunity enhancements

Multiple phone & email per contact

Tag folders

Custom field/value folders

Schedule messages feature (email/SMS/etc.)

CC & BCC for emails

Conversations module new filters

  • Last message direction

  • Last message type

Create new message flow enhancements

Send as feature enhancements

Custom providers

User permissions more granular settings

Notifications manger - contacts, opportunities, reminders, etc

Apple business chat

LinkedIn integration enhancements

Audit log enhancements

- Calendars

  • Calendar Setup

  • Consolidate user calendar configuraiton

  • Configuration flow improvements

  • Recurring appointments

  • Troubleshooting tool in the widget

  • Logged-in users can troubleshoot slot availability

  • Add Guests to bookings

  • Collective scheduling (multiple people in the same meeting)


  • Membership - New Triggers

  • Product started

  • Category started

  • Lesson started

  • Lesson completed

  • More custom values & if/else conditions

Goal Actions

  • Booked appointment

  • Contact replied

  • % video watched

New workflow actions

  • Trigger

  • Inbound webhook

  • Actions

  • API (outbound data)

  • Google sheet

  • Slack


  • Certifications

  • Offline Assignments

  • Announcements

  • Subscription Management

  • Members, Course, Subscription Analytics

Mobile App

  • Recurring invoices

  • Notification actions

  • Notification preferences

  • Task manager

  • Social Sign In

Reputation Management

  • Auto-responder settings for GMB & FB reviews

  • Review widget & funnel templates

WhatsApp integration (Q1 '23)


  • Category pages

  • RSS emails

  • Share on Social Planner

  • Custom Code - CSS & HTML

  • Blog widget

  • Social Share

  • Comments

Social Planner

  • Tiktok

  • Instagram Story & Reels

  • Template library

  • Approval flow

  • Custom Variables

  • Internal notes

  • Image & Video editor

  • Recycle & repose socials

  • Auto scheduler

  • Grouping hashtag

Email marketing

  • A/B testing

  • Multiple Smartlist and tags

  • ROI calculator

  • Improved email reporting

  • Improved inline email text editor

  • Import for other platforms

  • Image carousel

  • Countdown timer

  • Attribution of UTMs

Payments & Invoicing

  • Order triggers for sales channel on workflows - Order forms, Calendars, Invoicing, Memberships

  • Alternative payment methods via Stripe - Apply/Google pay

  • Invoicing enhancements - Custom templtes, custom notifications, CC/BCC, team members, partial payments, alternate payment methods

  • Subscription management & client portal

  • Alternate payment gateways -, Square, NMI

  • Proposals, Contracts, e-sign with invoicing

  • Inventory management & ecommerce

Affiliate Management

  • Integration with CRM & Workflows

  • Create email templates for affiliates

  • Run email campaigns on affiliates

  • Pull affiliates from a workflow on contacts to the Affiliate Manager

  • Affiliate portal for affiliates to track their own commissions, customers, and leads

  • Second tier affiliate tracking

  • Create campaigns with custom commission option

Forms & Surveys

  • Video backgrounds

  • Image slider

  • New recurring timer pegged to day of the week, month, or year

  • Better customisation

  • Enable/disable forms and surveys based on date

  • Instagram element

  • External embedding option

  • (Coming next year)

  • Brand kit

  • Sliding tables

  • Social media follow & share elements

  • Folders for forms and surveys

  • Blog category and search options

  • Conditional logic

  • Maths operations

  • Funnel builder improvements

...phew! What a list! As you can see, we're hard at work improving and extending Elysium CRM for our clients.

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